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Svensk design mot lårskav. Juniid är tunn, sval, skön och följsam.
Du kan gå hur långt du vill med Juniid. Ingen oro för skavande lår när du vill ta dig ut bland klipporna.
Juniid är ett designat och anpassat plagg mot lårskav.

Prevent chafing thighs with style

Many women experience on a daily basis the discomforts of thighs rubbing causing serious rashes and blisters. The problem is typically more pronounced as body temperature rises and hot summer days can be particularly troublesome. Until now there has been no clothes wear designed to alleviate this problem, especially for women.

The Juniid Thights Women clothes wear merges function, style and comfort to allow for a better and more comfortable living for women. It is meticulously designed to allow the natural motions of the female body without affecting the silhouette. No shaping. No changing. Just enabling!

The innovator behind the brand and the product is Sandra Rönnberg Söderberg and the product is a result of her own experience of thighs chafing and the inevitable blisters. She discovered that that no products on the market was designed with function, style and comfort in mind and as a result started the Juniid brand.
"Juniid Thights Woman - Test winner”
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